Online blackjack is beatable in the sense that reliable sites such as will always play by the rules and not. However, this can only happen if there is no consistent shuffling in every round. If a casino does not have several hands to do the shuffling, or have many decks and generally have reasonable rules, players may have a chance to beat the game. However, even when things seem to align in the player’s favour, it is important to remember that all games are set in such a way that the casino will always have an advantage over the gamers. This is the only way the casinos will continue existing when they make profits.

What Does It Even Mean to Count Blackjack?

This simply implies the act of keeping a tally of specific cards when the dealer burns through the deck. When you do this as a player, even when you still play using the same strategies as those you used before, you can then estimate the cards that are more likely to come up, on both sides, on your side, and on the dealer’s side hence estimating what will be in the next hand. While this is easier said, it may not be straightforward to track, especially if there is a lot of regular shuffling and exchange of cards. A good number of casinos have employed tactics that ensure cards are constantly shuffled; hence predicting can be a nightmare.

  • Counting cards is always frowned upon
  • It takes a lot of time and often makes games less fun
  • You will be penalized if discovered

Players should get into an online casino with an open mind. Choosing a game that they are willing to learn and enjoy is the first step. Slowly learning a few strategies that can increase their chances of winning can help make things better. However, fixing their minds on things like cheating the system or trying to beat the dealer by card counting is a futile endeavor. Players should also focus on finding good casinos that suit them based on previous reviews and testimonials from other users. Playing on an unregulated site has numerous disadvantages because you are likely to be cheated and stand no chance of ever winning no matter how good you are.

Can You Still Count Cards?

Well, yes, you can. If you still desire to try, then you are not prohibited from doing so because it is not illegal. However, a smart player will desist from this temptation when they know that casinos will never let players have the upper hand, at least not willingly. They have systems in place that ensure players get close to the door but never get through it to the other side. As legal businesses, they operate under rules and systems that protect their investment and guarantee their consistent profit. Unless you are extremely good at counting cards, it will only be an effort in futility. Learn how to make the game work for you and enjoy it.

If you have decided that card counting is your thing, and have even perfected the skill, make sure that you do it smartly. Don’t make it too obvious because the casino will definitely have their eyes on you. To successfully count cards, you need to find the right game. Note that not all games in an online casino are affected by card counting. You should then keep your spreads small to avoid being caught. More importantly, keep this secret to yourself and keep winning. Be smart and play your cards well by not making it too obvious. Taking breaks between good and bad counting helps too. You can enjoy your favourite drink in the meantime at peace.


Do Professional Blackjack Players Count Cards?

While this is not illegal, most professionals will not engage in card counting because they consider it as cheating. While you may not be arrested for it, you can easily be thrown out of a casino. After all, with constant practice and sharp memory, those players are able to keep track of the cards without having to count them. This means that they will always use this to their advantage and enjoy the game. If you intend to become one of such players, invest in practice and master the game without flaunting any house rules the casino has in place. To become a good player, you need to take time and learn how to make it work for you.